NOWA was established in 2005, but it has been working since the year 2000 thanks to the commitment of the Architect Marco Navarra, who, with his work started in 1995, has received many prices and awards, also international, either for his works, or for the competitions he has been selected for.
The office works in many fields, from architectural integrated planning to works supervision, from feasibility studies to environmental consulting and landscape consulting. The office also deals with organizing workshops, setting up exhibitions, and curatorship of books and catalogues.
At present, the office is carrying out some planning works, both public and private.

The work team consists of three partners and six collaborators, among which four architects, a secretary and a person in charge for the Calls for Proposals.
The operative and administrative location develops on a 250-square-meter area and it is equipped with 12-computer positions connected to a LAN system and an AIRPORT system, it has a lab for the models and many support equipment for the fast development of activities.