Grammichele (CT), Italia built 2007
New accommodation for a holiday farmhouse (agritourism)

The project is about the building of new rooms for a holiday farmhouse through the demolition and reconstruction of a pre-existing rural building immersed in a citrus plantation with a lying position from the rural approach road. The urban limitations forced us to respect the position of the pre-existence, the original disposition of masses and the structural typology (bearing wall wooden pitched roof with roof tile covering). The new masonry, made up with blocks of tuff, slightly veiled with lime mortar, is carved and bent by the light, forming kind of lumps of brightness filling up the walls thickness and they are modulated by Comiso stone leaves and plaster fabrics bent over the windows displacements. Where the masonry fold is deeper, on the main fa├žade, two vestibules opens, each of them gives access to four rooms and it is carved by the light coming from the top, from an unforeseen open sky scrap on the roof in the heart of the compact volume of stone.