San Michele di Ganzaria (CT), Italia built 2008
New town hall square with the building of a new war memorial

The main goal of the project is to establish a new public space, symbolic and representative, able to become a meeting place for the whole town community. In particular, the project tries to give an answer to the need of using the former elementary school courtyard and of transforming a back made of disparate and incoherent fragments into a place. The project defines the square, re-proportioning the relation between the two dimensions through a wide filling made up of four inclined planes, reconstructing the original topography of the ground and associating it with the existing perimeter roads. A diagonal line crosses the square joining the areas and collecting the rain. This sign is also re-used by the disposition of the citrus gardens, fragments of which are still on one side of the square. This presence is reinforced, inside the open space of the new square, by the re-planting of a number of bitter orange trees, under which there are a system of seats.