Grammichele (CT), Italia built 2006
Bar-Breakfast Pavilion

The project defines a new part of a rural settlement characterized by a comb-shaped plant with little open parts towards a citrus plantation.
The new pavilion regenerates the empty space towards the old manor laying in a longitudinal way.
A flat covering, made in c.a., softly modeled by the deformation in typographic aluminum formworks, is suspended in balance between a line of eight terracotta columns (of different diameters and positions) and five pillars in lucid c.a.
The inner space is generated by two long glass walls along the long sides and two big pieces of container-furniture built in marine plywood along the short sides (the kaleidoscope fireplace-furniture made up of pasta glass in different manufacture and the drinks cabinet with the bathrooms). Juxtaposition and matching of different materials surfaces, the two obscure planes of the floor and the ceiling in suspension catch the hills landscape, compressing it inside a narrow horizontal space.