Caltagirone (CT), Italia built 1999
Re-shaping and enlargement of a house in the old town centre.

Casa S. develops crosswise from one side to the other of a city block in a buildings area grown up over a warehouse-shaped (baglio) manor farm. That being so, the project is structured by a diagonal line, pervading a series of different form and scale spaces. Along this axis, a box of light has been detected, in gravity- centre position, containing the new access stairs to the upper floor, where the bedrooms are.
The stairs consist of a first ramp as a compact block of Comiso stone and a second maple one, made up of a series of panels that, interlocking one another, give birth to a bench and a system of parallel areas modulating the zenith light. Above, the stainless steel, glass and mineral wool skylight consist of a flat part and a central cube-shaped part, going downwards.