Peccioli (PI), Italy in progress 2007
Experimental industrial building for the treatment of muds, with educational routes.

The cities are the main production site for the waste, with a range of products going from solid urban waste to sewer. The depuration muds are a new material that a production process can transform into heat energy and electric power.
The project concerns the building of the necessary spaces to house the machines and manufactures for this experimental activity, in a landscape made up of hills and valleys close to a garbage dump, already in operation.
We have tried to propose a strategy of new relations, starting from topography: the modeling and the excavation transform the landscape into a thin sheet, re-writing, with its folds, the hills material. An 800-meter educational tunnel allows discovering the production processes and the whole waste cycle.

Progetto:Marco Navarra_NOWA
Gruppo di progettazione: Maria Giacoma Marino_NOWA, Salvatore Interlandi_NOWA, Giuseppe Allegra, Adriano Marchisciana
Collaboratori: Raffaello Buccheri, Celeste Greco, Dario Fortunato Pappalardo, Francesco Trovato, Daniel xxxxxx
Engineering: P&C_Giovanni Lippo, Paolo Ceccotti (progetto ambientale), Peccioli Pisa
Dlc_Franco Cislaghi, Bruno Monaco, Ludovico De Lalla (progetto strutturale)
Delca Spa Ismaele Como, Ermanno Battaglia, Giampiero Squaglia
Landscape Photo: Peppe Maisto
Committente: BD Ambiente spa, Legoli, Peccioli (PI), Italy
Dati dimensionali: 16.000 mq