San Michele di Ganzaria (CT), Italy built 2004
Entertainment, Landscape
Open-air theatre for summertime events.

A reclaimed waste disposal site takes the shape of a lifted landscape clod mingling with the fields at the valley end and on the opposite hills. This new project in the landscape appears, therefore, as the petrification of a telluric movement that has disarranged the continuous line of the downward slope. The Nicosia stone skin-covering tells the steps of this metamorphosis by fixing the last outcome. The stone surfaces, starting from the ground, follow an isodomo arrangement, but, at a certain point, something happens: an internal energy, the strength of reinforced concrete, comes out disarranging the original score, thus producing a laceration, a displacement. The covering laceration reveals the concrete, showing the other side of the stone plate, the skin unconscious.

Progetto di: Marco Navarra
Collaboratori: Maria Giacoma Marino, Salvatore Interlandi
Strutture: Giovanni Branciforti
Committente: Comune di San Michele di Ganzaria (CT)
Dati dimensionale: 2.000 mq